1. Eulogy
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Here lies a man
Here lies a fool
Here lies a stone to mark the life that I once knew
Here lies an enemy
Of the God of creation
Here lies a lifeless soul on the edge of sure damnation
And here lies the shadow
Of the man I used to be
No longer I, but He who died for me

I once was blinded by my own delights
Believing that I had control of my time
A moment from death, and a step from hell's fire
My stubborn mind set in my arrogant lies
But it's all of God and none of my own
That the power of the blood can wash and atone
That Christ so exalted would stoop down so low
To break me, and take me, and make me His own

So here lies the old
But hear my new cry
Hear the Word of God, hear the Word of Life
He shed His blood
That you might live
For though your sin is great
His grace is greater still


And here's the empty grave
And the scars for all to see
The sovereignty and wonder of the King