1. Isaiah 6
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Holy Spirit arise in the depths of my soul
Let my death be burned out with the light of His glory
Put your fire in my bones and awaken my soul
In the presence of God I am longing for more

Place a song of heaven on my lips
My ear inclines to hear the Words you give

We watch with ready hearts and faithful feet
To glorify the King of Kings
Our lamps are lit, our eyes are set on you
With humble hearts, obedient
We set our faces as flint
Steadfast in faith, we press toward the mark before us

He has promised the battle was already won
Even before my first breath had begun
He said “whom shall I send, who will go for us”
So I cry “prepare ye the way, and run to the cross!”


Take my vision, take my voice
Take my thoughts Lord, make them yours
Purify my lips and speech
Let my heart seek only thee