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Walking in the cool of the evening
The voice of the Lord could be heard
Trying to run from their rebellion
And hide from the presence of God
A covering had to be provided
And only one thing could atone
The life of another must be taken
For the blood it had to flow, but now there's...

No more blood to be shed
Just a sacrifice of praise
Lifted to the One who gave His life
For my debt to be paid
No more beasts to slay
The Lamb of God died once for all
And His sacrifice will forever be enough

On the day of Atonement
The high priest would enter alone
Into the Holy of Holies
Trembling with godly fear and awe
Hoping the blood would be accepted
And cover all the sin that they had done
But the blood of bulls and goats could never take away their sin
They looked to the One who'd die to save all men, and now there's...